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The Caring Bond

Writings and resources to support the care journey for all caregivers

Health Aides & Caregiving

Many people are very surprised when I tell them that I personally attended to all of the caregiving for my father; medical, emotional, physical and personal. Gotta say that it is not for everyone and there was a LOT of awkward moments, but my dad was a good partner in the efforts.  My husband was there to carry him when needed as that was way outside of my ability.

When we provide care for a loved one at home who needs help with nearly everything day to day, the care-taking is both emotional and physical. It is akin to being there for a newborn, but on a larger and relationally upending way. There are many things to consider when and if you need to get help with the more personal and intimate needs. 

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The original version was first published in Forbes on 6/11/2013 @ 2:40 PM 

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