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In June, we talked about advocating for yourself as an employee during COVID-19. But what if you left the workforce altogether? For so many, the demands of taking care of others—frequently children and one or more ailing parents—was too much to juggle. Many were forced to stop working altogether or cut back on hours. Women have overwhelmingly borne the brunt of this sacrifice.

This fall, as children return to in-person school, companies return to in-person office policies, and COVID-19 relief benefits expire, many of us are trying to figure out what the next juggling act will look like. One thing hasn’t changed: millions of caregivers are spending much of their time and energy caring for loved-ones.

Caregiven is here to help. We believe that caregiving can be a positive, supportive experience. You deserve to be well-informed about the care journey, supported by a care circle, and able to handle caregiving as part of your busy week.

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How can an app help me?

I joined Caregiven to build the app I wish I’d had while sitting in the E.R. at 3am trying to stay awake while my mom got an MRI. We learned an hour later that she had cancer and she had less than six months to live. This set off a flurry of activities and emotions that overwhelmed me even after she had passed away.

I happened to be on a sabbatical when we got that diagnosis. Returning to work was tough. But it was also comforting to return to a routine, to distract myself with work, and to catch up with colleagues I had missed. It would have been helpful to have an app like Caregiven. With it, my sister, my brother, and I could have coordinated care for my mom while learning how to navigate the journey we were on.

I’ll continue to explore more of the ways Caregiven can help you over the next several weeks, but here’s how I recommend you get started. You’re busy, so I’ll keep it to an easy three steps:

  1. Download the app and create your account
  2. Explore the Care Journey through the link on the home screen, or from one of our suggestions
  3. Add someone to your Care Circle—someone who can help you out on this journey and support you as you return to work

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