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The Caring Bond

Writings and resources to support the care journey for all caregivers

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Choosing Your Own Path


Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

This blog is written by our good friend Susanne White,...

A Reluctant, Yet Thankful Caregiver

I don’t think any of us sign up to be a caregiver -- we just sorta fall into it. I always...

Everyone Smoked in My Family: Lung Cancer Awareness

Cigarettes smell like family to me

There was nothing unusual about my dreamlike childhood...

Healing with Nature: July is National Park and Recreation Month

My cousin Chris grew up to be a cowboy and, as a teenager, competed in rodeos. He also hunted,...

Back to Work With Caregiven

In June, we talked about advocating for yourself as an employee during COVID-19. But what if you...

Employee Caregiver Advocacy is a Conversation

For employees and employers, the work environment changed irrevocably with the COVID-19...