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ACTA NON VERBA...deeds not words

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Thought leadership is everywhere and during these times it feels like that’s the only leadership method available to us.  We write, raising our voices with words on a page and social media our soapbox.

As a founder and CEO, I’m continually encouraged to be a thought leader.  By creating consumable content my words and voice might lead to credibility and confidence in my company, attracting customers and investors.

Yet I continue to be reminded of the motto of my Dad’s alma mater, The United States Merchant Marine Academy, acta non verba Deeds Not Words.  Without formally incorporating this motto as one of Caregiven’s values, nonetheless the spirit is embedded into every line of code and logic flow we offer our users.

We believe that it’s the actions taken, not the promises made, that are most important.

When describing the Caregiven experience, I often say that our product doesn’t tell users what to do, we guide users to make a choice about what action will be most meaningful, and then we provide the step-by-step support to accomplish their endeavor.

In our own way, this is how Caregiven inspires deeds over words:  by guiding a care partner to support their loved-one in the creation of a Living Will; giving them the technology to capture and document what is truly being said; and offering the recording of their loved-one saying what their choices are for themselves rather than that care partner having to make a life-limiting or life-extending decision.

Certainly, the instructions for these deeds are wrapped in words.  Caregiven helps families better understand the motivation and conviction behind the words so that the deeds are understood, supported if not enabled.

To that end, Caregiven as a company and me as a CEO, hope to go beyond lending our voice, sharing our opinion, making pledges and promises, and even shying away from thought leadership.  We simply want to empower and enable action.

We are committed to doing so while holding ourselves to the highest levels of diversity and inclusivity and are undertaking the steps to not only adopt but actualize the actions outlined by CEO Action.

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