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Alaska Supports Caregivers

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One reason we founded Caregiven was our first hand, hard earned wisdom that having curated information and a community of support needed to be more efficient in caregiving. 

Recently, in November 2021, the Dementia Action Collaborative (DAC) Alaska sponsored a statewide survey to better understand caregiver needs and impacts.  The survey is titled "Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia Family Caregiver Survey".  The data is important as it will be used create a better understanding and helps identify how to meaningfully support Alaskans unique caregiver situations.

Alaska has unique caregiver circumstances

  1. Alaska's vast, isolated geography  
  2. Smaller populations
  3. Fewer and higher paid doctors, especially specialists means less competitive pricing
  4. Many Alaskans who need speciality care must travel out-of-state which adds to costs and, sometimes, results in poorer outcomes

In May 2021, Caregiven founder Candice Smith met with Health TIE, an Alaska grassroots effort with the goal of making products and services that make healthcare access easier, lower cost and more efficient. Health TIE achieves this by connecting healthcare organizations, funders and change makers for innovative solutions that makes sense for Alaska.

Information is a part of the effort -  providing solutions is the outcome. 

Caregiven is thrilled that we are singled out in the DAC December 2021 newsletter as a solution to help Alaska's dementia caregivers. 

Survey highlights
  • What resource(s) is most important to you right now?

    • Help navigating the system, financial planning and peer support

  • Who should we prioritize to receive training?

    • Family and friend caregivers, followed closely by immediate or extended family who are not caregivers

  • A surprising trend is how many people wrote in the importance of teaching children about Alzheimer's Disease in school to help them understand the condition

  • Full Survey results available here

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One reason we founded Caregiven was our first hand, hard earned wisdom that having curated information and a community of support needed to be...

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